People Are People

Throughout different history and literature classes, I’ve learned about different leaders and mythical creations.  I’ve learned about their triumphs and successes, but I’ve also learned about their failures and demises.  Whether it be, women, ego, thirst for power, jealousy, etc., a demise of some sort happens, and that is the result of being a person, or person-like figure.

Those tales happen in real life as well and we happen to demonize people for being people.  A lot of the examples I’ve seen are in religious figures.  These people are in power and have moments whether they do not make the morally correct choice and are demonized and ridiculed, sometimes rightfully so, but aren’t given that second chance that is normally taught in religious institutions.  They aren’t given the opportunity to be people.

I have always stayed away from those leadership positions in church for that.  I openly admit to being a person, with flaws and vices.  Some of those are accepted socially, but in a religious context, they aren’t.  For example, the great philosopher K Camp says in his song ‘Money Baby,’ “I like smoking weed, I like getting fly, I like having sex, I like girls who ride, I like my cup full, I like turning up.”  Those are things that I like on occasion too; every now and then I smoke weed, sometimes I do have sex, and more often than I like to admit I turn up.  Those are all things that people do, some on a regular basis, but are frowned up in the religious community.

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With that being admitted, I do not necessarily promote doing any of the things publicly, except of-age drinking.  Someone said to me before, what you do behind closed doors is your business, and I treat everyone like that.  I do that because I know that people are people.  People have been people since the creation of people, so why would I fault or judge someone for being a person?  Whether I agree or disagree with their actions or decisions, I let people be people.

People are imperfect.  A lot factors go into the decisions that they make, both morally and immorally.  Whether you think they should act a certain way, makes no difference on the way they actually act.  Age is not a determining factor on maturation, or your interpretation of maturation.  The best intentions of people are sometimes lost on the inability to communicate.  Emotions can cloud rational thought.  Hurt people hurt people.  The best way to wrap those things up is to say, empathy comes with the realization that attempting to understand can hurt, but you should keep hope that one day they will, at least, attempt to understand you as well.

My advice is to recognize that people are people, because the sooner you learn that, the easier it is to understand their vantage point and empathize with them.  The way that other people act and express themselves may not be the way you would, but you are not them.  Something that I took away from the crucifixion story, is that Jesus said, “they know not what they do,” and what I understand now is he had both the understanding of the mentally of others, but also had hope that one day, the people would understand his vantage point too, but as always, IDK THO.


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