Care Package

With it being graduation season for most colleges and universities, I wanted to focus on something that rarely happened for me… a care package.

Now I’m not talking about the money that I got from my parents in my bank account, which was GREATLY appreciated, I’m talking about some type of package from people who knew I was in college.  I felt like I would talk about it with mostly everyone that knew me, but people didn’t send anything that showed me they cared or they were just thinking about me.  Something small, or big if that’s what you want to do, could keep a person sane in those stressful times, which helps maintain good mental health.

Mental health of students wasn’t typically focused on by most of my professors or the administration.  It was more of a thing where in passing they would say, “we have a counseling center if you need to talk to someone,” but that was only mentioned once or twice but some professors.  It is crazy to think that something so crucial to the success of students, and their ability to handle the pressures that go along with putting forth an effort to make good grades.

I have heard stories about people about people who couldn’t handle the stress and decided to end their own life because of it.  Not to go into too much detail, I heard of a student working the entire term on a project and right before the due date, their drive died and the work was unsalvageable; that student decided to end it.  I’m reminded of another story where a student was signed on to so many different things, and had projects to do on top of that, and was pushing and pushing themselves to where they ended up in the hospital for an extended period.

These pressures are real and I feel as though, most people shrug it off or disregard the near mental breakdowns, but they should be talked about and discussion about stress relief should happen more.  Before it gets to that point, I think people should at least send a care package to those that you know are in college.

A care package can be anything from money to snacks, to money, to household items, to money, to a variety pack with a sentimental note of encouragement, did I mention money?  Any kind gesture would be greatly appreciated by any college student, so that when it comes to graduation, it means more that you were with them and encouraging them every step of the way.


My advice is to reiterate what I’ve said above, send a care package to a college student.  It will give them one less thing to stress about, in the myriad of stressful things that are going on.  They will appreciate it, even if no formal thanks are said, because every little bit helps, but as always, IDK THO.


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