The Ultimate Failure

One of my friends sent a link to this video of Gary Vaynerchuk interviewing Tony Robbins saying, “[you] may get something out of this.”  Tony was on Gary’s show because of his financial book, “Unshakable,” but what I want to focus on, is what the seed is that Tony left at the end of the video.  He says, “success without fulfillment [is] the ultimate failure.”

I know as young people, that is the dilemma we face entering the workforce; I want to make a bunch of money, but I also want to do something that is going to make me happy and want to work.  Maybe the thing that we are passionate about also brings in that roll of hundreds, or maybe the nature of the industry doesn’t allow for that.  The uncertainty of the cross-section of fulfillment and riches frightens most of us, and it happens frequently in the process to higher learning.

I have a younger cousin who is beginning to think about which college to attend and what her major is going to be, and I can tell, just by going through that process before, that the thought of what’s next is scary.  I was talking to her and she’s between doing something she kind of likes versus something that would be her dream job.

2008 high school graduation dinner

Before I gave her an option on what I thought she should do, I thought about the times where I did something I thought would might like versus the times I did what I knew I would enjoy, and I gave her this opinion; do what is going to bring you happiness because money can’t buy that and no one else is going to look out for your happiness besides you.

I have found that to be true.  You are the person that must be concerned with your happiness, because if you hate what you’re doing, the only people that might care to hear you complain about it, are the people in your immediate family or significant other, and that is a strong might because they are concerned with their own happiness too.

My advice to you is to do as the cliché saying goes, do what love and you’ll never work a day in your life.  The great philosopher Trey Songz says, “I just wanna be successful,” and success means different things to different people, so find your fulfillment in what you be doing for free, find a way to make that into a living and live happily ever after, but as always, IDK THO.


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