Do Better, Be Better

“Well done is better than well said” – Benjamin Franklin


While I was on Twitter I caught a tweet that featured this quote and it made me reflect on changes I’ve made in my life.


Back when I was in undergrad, I used to claim greatness all the time.  Any time that I would do something worth admiration, or say something that caused my friends to accept advice, I would say greatness.  During that time, I wasn’t doing anything great.  I was skipping and failing classes, getting drunk Thursday – Sunday… just not being a student, which was the purpose of me being in school.  This was also in contradiction to a person claiming greatness.

Turn Up

After I got my life together, I realized that I subconsciously stopped saying greatness.  Looking back on it, I think it was because I was too busy trying to be great, to say greatness.  I was focused on digging myself out of a perceived hole that I had dug for myself, and after climbing out I focused on never getting back in that hole.


I realized, well before I saw this quote, that actions speak louder than words.  For me to get on the right path, it would take for me to “get up, get out, and get something,” in the words of the great philosopher Ceelo Green.  I had to physically get out and try to do what I was supposed to be doing. So, I helped create a student organization called The Initiative, that helped provide students with opportunities to do volunteer work within the community and create entertainment events for the students and community to enjoy.

The Initiative - Reuben

My advice is to you is to not talk about it, be about it.  Whatever it is that you set out to do or be, do it.  If you want to help people achieve their goals, help them.  If you want to change the way that government is run, change it.  If you want to create the best art that anyone has ever seen or heard, create it.  Don’t create excuses to why you can’t do something, or only talk about doing something without putting in the work to achieve it.  One of the principals in the bible is faith without works is dead, meaning you must put your beliefs in something into action.  So, do whatever it is you keep talking about, or just keep it to self but as always, IDK THO.


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