Ball Is Life

Ever since I was young, basketball was my first love.  My friends and I would play every day after school.  With having that obsession with the game, you watch and idolize NBA players.  My favorite player was Allen Iverson because you could see the way he competed against other top tier players and outshined most of them.  Getting older and understanding more about the strategy behind basketball, and having Iverson not play at the same level, I started to appreciate the ability of other star players.  You get to see a glimpse of those players at their peak in the regular season, but when April rolls around you know something different is about to happen… the Playoffs.


This Sunday was the first time in a long time that I just sat back and looked at the beauty of NBA Playoff basketball, and it was like seeing a group of people grow up and end up at different places in life.  There are the bench players who are the people that are either about to start life and are on their grind, or people to have gotten to a place and achieved a level of comfort at that place.  There are the role players who have become extremely skilled in a couple of areas and are rewarded handsomely for that skill level.  Last, but definitely not least, you have the Superstars.  The Superstars are those guys who have a variety of skills that have come together and the work they do looks effortless because they are master of their craft.  This is not the way that all the teams are set up, but it is a variation of those qualities.


Something beautiful to watch is how the Superstars compete when they are in “The Zone.”  They make you question how someone can be that good at anything.  You’re watching someone whose expected potential is extremely higher than his peers and the person is exceeding even those expectations.  The level is brought on by the opportunity to achieve the goal of winning a championship, and that is why I can appreciate the playoffs a lot more than the regular season.

My advice is in the mantra, ball is life.  Specifically, the NBA Playoffs in this analogy, but treat life and the obstacles that come with it like Superstars in the NBA treat the playoffs.  They rise to the level of competition so that they can achieve that goal.  They do not quit or cower away from the opportunity to compete or preserver to reach their goals.  Even though at time the players know that the opponent they face may have more in favor to win, but the Superstars find within themselves that extra level to rise to, to compete at a higher level.  So, treat life that way and find that extra level of greatness within you to achieve those goals but, as always, IDK THO.


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